Custodio Asset Management

Proactive Investment Services


Custodio Asset Management, LLC

9510 Rommel Drive

Columbia  MD  21046

Phone: 410.988.2511                           e-mail:

Fax: 410.988.2417

About Custodio Asset Management

Custodio Asset Management provides each of its clients with hands-on, discretionary wealth-management services which take full advantage of market cycles while keeping your investment safe.  Unlike other wealth management companies, CAM has produced positive growth in these turbulent times.  In fact, our managed accounts strategy stood up mightily in the face of the 2008 collapse gaining an impressive +23.9% net of fees.  Since inception in October 2005 and through January 7, 2009, the company’s investment fund has increased by more than 180% net of fees.   

CAM’s investment system is not bound by proprietary mutual funds, insurance products, or single stocks.  Rather, we integrate the major indices into our trading system enabling CAM to take full advantage of positive market swings while weathering the erratic dips that typify other wealth managers.  CAM’s strategy has proven consistently reliable and has steadily increased our investors’ account values during the recent destabilization.

Custodio Asset Management has achieved success because the company understands how financial markets work.  Positive results can be accomplished through sound planning and active decision-making.  As such, we have designed a flexible and resilient proprietary formula.  When an opportunity arises, CAM is positioned to act.  When disaster strikes, CAM remains prepared.  Most importantly, we know how to listen.  We are committed to address each client’s individual expectations.  We strive to keep clients involved and informed in the process.  Our transparent platform acknowledges CAM’s commitment that all clients should know what is happening to their money at all times. 

Ace and Almond Custodio founded Custodio Asset Management (CAM) in October 2005.  Implementing their proprietary investment strategy, the CAM investment fund immediately achieved high returns.  As client registration increased, CAM registered in the State of Maryland.  Custodio Asset Management, LLC was incorporated in February 2007. 

CAM is a privately owned financial investment firm located in Columbia, Maryland.  Ace Custodio is the CEO of Custodio Asset Management.  Almond Custodio is the Chief Investment Strategist. 

Custodio Asset Management engages in the active management of investment accounts.  The company is committed to the implementation of a transparent proactive investment strategy utilizing their proprietary investment formula to achieve high investment returns for all clients.  The company poses a proven alternative to passive investing.  The company’s areas of focus include corporate and individual accounts, 401k rollovers, IRAs and high net worth investors. 

CAM ensures transparency by creating individual investor accounts at Rydex Funds.  Account representatives help each client establish their own secure accounts and passwords and familiarize investors with the Rydex website (   Clients  may then enjoy full access to their updated account information at all times.

Completing the company’s policy of transparency, investor’s rates of return are monitored by TimerTrac an independent firm that retrieves trade transactions directly from Rydex Investments.  Clients receive benchmark comparisons of accounts on a monthly basis.  The funds performance is posted weekly on the company web log.  CAM investment advisers are always available and encourage periodic meetings and ongoing communication with each investor.  

CAM’s transparent portfolio management system has impressively outperformed the outdated buy-and-hold approach to asset management.  Using a disciplined platform, the year-to-date and 3 year performance successfully demonstrate the company’s ability to provide clients with high returns in volatile and unpredictable financial markets.  The CAM asset management service is designed to optimize portfolio returns regardless of how the global financial market performs.

CAM Investment Adviser Professionals receive no commissions.  Account executives participate in the company’s profit sharing and as such have a vested interest in the long term success of each client.  CAM portfolio managers integrate the company’s disciplined, conservative approach with an appreciation of each client’s individual circumstances.  On average, CAM investors are in the market approximately 175 days per year.

CAM is well positioned to take advantage of the cycles in the market environment.  The company’s proprietary system is designed to achieve the long term goals of clients by supplementing passive investment opportunities with their proactive investment strategy.


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